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Damaged Goods for Sale!

I was making prints for an upcoming show but my printer goofed and left blue smudge marks on one border of the paper. The actual image is fine, just the borders are not quite cutting it.

I’m selling these for $25 each, and I’ve got 1 of each left. You could easily put them in a frame or cut off the borders to remove the blue bits.

Starting from the top going clockwise:

Mystic Mountain (1 in stock)
Crescent Nebula (1 in stock)
Messier 17 (1 in stock)
Witchhead (1 in stock)
Cygnus (1 in stock)

Prints are all 20” in on the longest side, signed and dated on the verso.

They are archival pigment prints, printed on a super fancy Canson Baryta Photographique paper, which has a beautiful luster/semi-gloss surface.

$25.00 US
$35.00 intl

Shipping & tax already included

E-mail me at if you’re interested!




Thank you so much everyone! I sold out of everything, so many thanks go out to all of the people who purchased a print / liked / reblogged this post.

The demand was actually so great that I’ve decided to do another really small run of prints. I made 3 additional copies of each of the above prints. If you wanted one but it sold out before you were able to get one, then now is your chance!

Same price as before $25.00 US — $35.00 International

Just as before the prints are 20” inches on the longest side, printed on the same Canson Baryta Photographique, and signed by the artist on the verso

Drop me a line at to pick one up. I probably won’t be printing these images again for some time, so it’s now or never!

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